About Branson Cafe

About Branson Cafe

Branson Cafe was established in 1910, so we’ve been around longer than Branson has been a town. That makes us Branson’s oldest restaurant!

The Branson Cafe has operated in its current location since the late 1920s. The historic Branson Cafe building has been owned by the Fausett family since 1943. Raymond Fausett purchased the building and his brothers Everette and Leon operated the restaurant until the 1950s. In 1953 Eddie and Georgeann Fausett began to operate the restaurant. In 1960 the Fausett’s handed over the operation of the restaurant to Glenn and Inez Henderson who ran it until 1975 when Mike and Marge Anderson took over. In 1985 Ken Roten began to run the operation and ran it until 2005.

Throughout the years, Branson Cafe has been featured on notable media outlets such as the 60 Minutes presentation of Branson, Fox News channel’s “Across America”, and our homemade pies have even made an appearance on the Today show. Our history intertwines with that of Branson itself, making us a staple in the local community and a must-visit destination for travelers.

New owners Brandi Beebe, Sandra Ferdig, and Mary Meadows said in a news release they are looking to carry on the tradition after reopening the restaurant in 2022.

Re-opening Branson Cafe Press Release

Now owned by 3 women who all have deep roots in Branson. Memaw is the matriarch of the cafe and gets up early every morning to cook her famous cinnamon rolls and world-renowned pies. She has been cooking for over 65 years and brings her passed down family recipes to life to share with you. Sandra's family has been part of the Branson community for as long as the cafe has. They have owned many restaurants and stores throughout the years, helping Branson become the thriving community it is today. Her family recipes are featured throughout the menu and taste like your grandma used to make when you were a child. Lastly, Brandi is Memaw's grand daughter and grew up in the restaurant business. She is learning to follow in Memaw's footsteps and continue family traditions of great food made with love. We welcome you to come in and try our family's recipes, all made fresh daily. Come in for break fast, served all day, or come visit us for lunch. We promise you will feel at home with our warm staff and cozy cafe. Make us part of your Branson visit and a continued tradition

Our journey and milestones:

Watch Memaw Make Biscuits.

Best Breakfast Award